Toll Manufacturing and Blending

Toll Manufacturing and Blending

C1 Water offers toll manufacturing/blending /contract manufacturing for the production of complex chemical products. You supply the formula and let us scales up your formula, blends it to your specifications and then packages the product as per your requirement with labeling and delivers it to your desired location.

We specialize in toll manufacturing and are the chemical industry leader for providing turn-key liquid and dry solids compounding, toll manufacturing and private label packaging services.

Does the C1 water provide the ingredients/raw materials to blend or do I?

This depends on your own specific needs. Some of our customers wish to outsource the complete process of producing chemicals, including purchasing of ingredients/raw materials, others choose to provide the ingredients themselves. We work as per your business needs.

Will my formula be safe when choosing for toll blending services from C1 Water?

Its 100% safe & confidential. We welcome NDA’s (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with business partners to ensure absolute confidentiality and we take care to ensure full protection of customer proprietary information.

How about Quality Control?

C1 Water is fully equipped R&D & Quality lab. We stand out is our unswerving dedication to a certain level of quality throughout every stage of production and delivery. A strict commitment to quality assurance enables us to foresee and prevent mistakes and problems during contract manufacturing/blending.

A dedicated Quality Assurance team oversees all aspects of storage, production and packaging operations, including:

  • Complete cleaning, procedure and equipment validation activities
  • Design stability studies
  • Quality improvement via continuous audits
  • Regulatory submissions
  • Production and process system controls
  • Corrective/preventative action 
  • Internal self-assessment audits
  • Vendor and material management

How about regulations compliancy?

We already compliant with current regulations, meaning that you are able to reduce your regulations compliancy risks. We strictly follow rules & regulation as per country requirement.


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