Products Manufactured by C1 Water

While manufacturing, C1 Water keeps in mind three key factors:

  • Cost
  • Technical performance
  • Environmental impact

Drilling Chemicals

  • Drilling Starch
  1. C1W Starch HT (High Temperature)
  2. C1W Starch NF
  3. C1W Starch

C1W starch is a modified drilling starch available in different grade as free flowing powder which is used for controlling fluid loss in water base mud .It is a non-ionic polymer and proves to be a most economical way for filtration control for all types of water based drilling fluid systems. It is pregelintaed to give maximum effect and provide wellbore stability.C1W Starch  meets/exceeds OCMA DFCP5 & API13 A Section 11 specifications for starch.

  • Lubricant
  1. C1W Lube GP
  2. C1 W Lube EP
  3. C1W Lube ET
  4.  C1W Lube Sil

C1W Lube is a high temperature, Extreme Pressure Lubricant which is dark coloured liquid free from impurities. Used in all types of Mud systems it reduces torque and drag, provides high temperature stability and reduces friction leading to reduced corrosion. C1W extreme pressure lubricating muds increased over-all bit life three to fourfold, reduced drilling torque and wear on drill pipe and drill collars. It does not affect rheology or gel strength and does not give foaming effect.

  • Defoamer
  1. C1W Defoam A (Alcohol based )
  2. C1W Defoam G (Glycol based)
  3. C1W Defoam S (Silicone- oil based)
  4. C1W Defoam SE (Silicone – Emulsion based)
  5. C1W Defoam PLUS (Combination / all purpose)

C1W Defoamer available in different grades used as oil drilling defoamer, it’s a chemical additive used to prevent the formation of foam during the preparation of a treatment fluid or slurries at surface. Primarily used for minimizing foaming tendencies of water based muds by surpressing foaming effect under severe conditions and is effective against most types of foam in wide range of temperatures, pH and tolerates high concentration of salts. It also stabilizes pump pressure by removing trapped gas / air. It is effective at high temperatures and varied pH levels in water based muds.

  • Glycols
  1. C1W Glycol LC
  2. C1W Glycol MC
  3. C1W Glycol HC
  4. C1W Glycol HS
  5. C1W Glycol NC

C1W Glycols are used as shale inhibitors. It is used in water based drilling fluids to improve lubricity, shale stability and extends the temperature stability.C1W Glycol remains unaffected by contaminants, providing high rate of penetration with enhanced inhibition and lubricity for the drilling mud. It is compatible with most salts along with providing thermal stability to polymers and is committed towards environment. The Cloud Point of the Glycols can be adjusted as per the requirements of the customer.

  • Drilling Detergent
  1. C1W Drill D 251
  2. C1W Drill D 252

C1W Drilling Detergent is a clear liquid and a mix of anionic and non-anionic surfactants. Primarily used as a drilling mud detergent in all drilling areas of Water Based Drilling fluids, has a lubricating effect thus reducing torque and drag. Drilling detergents work to emulsify oil in fresh and sea water muds. They reduce the viscosity of contaminants present in oil. It is used  in upper-hole drilling to minimize bit and Bottom-Hole Assembly (BHA) balling, reduce surface tension, and aid in dropping sand and the removal of drill solids.

  • Emulsifiers
  1. C1W Emul P (Primary Emulsifier)
  2. C1W Emul S (Secondary Emulsifier)
  3. C1W Emul OP (One Pack Emulsifier)

C1W Emulsifier is multiutility product which can be used for different application, primarily to provide improved emulsion and for filtration control, as a secondary wetting agent, temperature stability and viscosity. We manufacture emulsifier’s as per client requirements.

  • Biocide,  Scavengers & Scale Inhibitors
  1. C1W Cide BKC (Bezylkonnium Chloride based)
  2. C1W Cide Ald (Aldehyde based)
  3. C1W Cide TZ (Triazine based)
  4. C1W Scav ABS (Ammo Bi sulphite based)
  5. C1W Scale P (Phosphate based)
  6. C1W Scale TZ (Triazine based)

Completion Chemicals

  • Bromide  and Chloride brines
  1. C1W Cal Bromide  L (Calcium Bromide Liquid)
  2. C1W Cal Bromide  P (Calcium Bromide Powder)
  3. C1W Sod Bromide L (Sodium Bromide Liquid)
  4. C1W Sod Bromide P (Sodium Bromide powder)
  5. C1W Zinc Bromide
  6. C1W Cal-Zinc Bromide
  7. C1 W Cal Chloride L ( Calcium Chloride Brine )

C1 Water Industries LLC is the first and only Bromide ( Brine ) manufacturing company in the region. C1W Completion chemicals are liquids and powder form which used in the oil and gas industry during the completion process of oil or gas well. It is a low solid mud or salt solution or clear brine fluids used for well testing and when a well is completed. It is used for minimizing the formation damage and to also regulate the formation pressure. C1W completion bribe/chemicals used as a completion and workover fluid to control wellbore pressures in upstream oil & gas operations.

  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  1. C1W Corr-Inhib 231
  2. C1W Corr-Inhib 232
  3. C1W Corr-Inhib 233

C1W Corrosion Inhibitors have prime function as the name suggest is to control or prevent internal corrosion attack from oxygen, cabon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide in oil & gas prodiction systems, injection systems and pipelines. When used it forms like a protective film on all metal surfaces and also protects metal surfaces at very high temperatures.

  • Well displacement agent
  1. C1W Wellbore Clean

C1W Well Detergent is also known as Rig Wash. As the name suggest its primary application is Rig wash and also acts as an oil emulsifier in water based mud systems, reduces torque and drag and reduces surface tension. Can be used in both sea water as well as fresh water in drilling operation.

  • Spotting Fluids/Stuck Pipe Agents
  1. C1W Stuck Free W ( Spotting Fluids -Weighted)
  2. C1W Stuck Free NW ( Spotting Fluids -Non Weighted)

C1W spotting fluids prime function is to lubricate the wall thus reduces contact between the pipe and the wall, It is used for preparing a fluid for freeing pipe that is differentially stuck ensuring efficient operation by penetrating and breaking the water based mud filter cake with extremely high fluid loss and solids free filtrate.

Production Chemicals

  • C1W Demul (Demulsifier)