R&D and Quality


At C1 Water Industries LLC, research is the means for success. Our R&D is driven by customer needs and practical economical application of chemistries. For more than a decade, C1 Water Industries LLC has been dedicated to the development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of innovative chemistries customized for diverse application increasing client efficiency and reducing costs.

Our R&D is organized on a centralized basis and is closely aligned to market requirements, who work intensively with marketing team from the operational side of the Drilling Fluids, Mud Chemical business and with the international sales network. In this way, our innovation activities are very closely meshed with the needs of our customers and their customers.

A strong and vibrant R&D program and expertise in Process Development coupled with an outstanding team including scientists, has enabled the company to capitalize on superior technology generated in-house. This has led to the production and development of import substitute products and cost-effective drilling fluids and mud chemicals on a large scale making them affordable to national level and a strong competitive international presence.


Our QA/QC department is equipped with latest and appropriate testing equipments which enables us to keep a close watch on the products used in manufacturing as well as manufactured.

Being well equipped as well as having separately defined working area for research and development along with our scientists have made possible for us to manufacture drilling fluids chemicals of international standards, expanded to be used in all types of oil well drilling activities.

Being into regular research and development has made us committed towards providing drilling fluids chemicals of highest quality standards to the oil and gas industry at the most competitive prices in the industry.

Our manufacturing process follows strict quality control system and when backed with competitive prices, have made our customer’s across the globe give repeated order’s on continuous basis.